Rx Hosting Planned Features

  • More Map tools
  • New debug tools
  • Ability to put parts of the control panel on your website or forum
  • Able to switch colors of the CP
  • The current red can be destracting, also have a white cleaner version
  • Minor changes that will happen:

  • Premake everytime.cfg so people know about it, although creating this file is already possible
  • Easy access to a list of all admin/server commands
  • Map tutorial explains how to upload and create a map in the CP
  • List of example cfg for major game types like sumo, hr, etc
  • Redesigned remote
  • Rx Hosting features that may or may not happen (ask me if you want it badly)

  • Ability to use up to 10 colors in player names
  • Server Stats
  • Integrated Map editor right in the CP
  • Ability to host your own website
  • A new branch of armagetron +rx

  • Any suggestions? Please tell me. My email

    last update Sept 28 2014