The Rx control panel has many features, more than what you would normally get by hosting yourself while being very easy and intuitive.

Control Panel Features

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Easy editing

Edit server config settings right in your browser from any device. Simply click on the file to edit and start editing. Save, apply, or even upload files instead. Access the cfg bank for preloaded settings like CTF, Sumo, Dogfight, Fortress, and more.

File Manager interface

The file manager interface has the ability to upload any kind of file and have as many cfg's as you need. Make folders, manage, download, add notes, or even use it as a storage place.

Powerful management tools

Shutdown, reboot, send remote admin commands, and view what's happening in the server. Watch people playing, chatting, and even see a live minimap of what is going on in the server any time.

Maps and resource system

Getting a server will also give you your own map/cfg resource repository that you have full control over. There you can upload your own custom maps or cfgs and access the map editor right in your browser* along with other map tools. Loading of premade maps is also available.


Want even more customization with your server? Create your own scripts in PHP or other languages to achieve maximum customization. Create game modes like racing, RPG's, or simply a map rotator, the choice is yours. With access to dozens of premade scripts, even those without programming skills can use them. For those willing to learn, scripting tutorials are available.


Problematic players? The checkuser tool can help you check exactly who's been playing on your server. Check by IP to reveal all usernames used by a computer, or check by login to view aliases. If that's not enough, the geolocate tool can show which city, on a map, they are playing from.

Customizable bots and messages

Change the names of your bots and customize how they operate. Customize the game language and edit the text-output on your server. It's up to you what you want death messages to say.

Server logs

Access all server logs including chatlogs, console logs, scores, and the ladderlog.

Hosting Features

Free 1-week Servers

Whether you need servers for an organized tournament or just want to try one before you buy, free servers are available. (Click "Get A Server" > "Manual Amount" > $0)

Full Access

You get "Owner" rights on your servers and can access every part of your server with the easy-to-use Control Panel. In the case where FTP and SSH is needed, they can be requested.

Guaranteed Up-time and Support

Your server will be online 24/7 and support by email will be within hours. For each day your server is down or your questions not answered, a free day of hosting will be provided.

Coming soon

More Map tools

Creating maps will be easier with a browser based GUI and map previews which are in progress. Included will also be map-making shortcuts and map tools.

Script debug tools

New tools to help the sript programmer include side-by-side PHP debug logs, ladderlog, and the output file to streamline the script making process.

Ability to put parts of the CP on other websites

This will allow you to show parts of your server onto other websites. You can show ladder ranks, server on/off status, a server browser, checkuser, or even a website-to-server chatbox. Some of these features are already available, just send an email to get started.

Even more

The control panel and servers are always being worked on. Here's a list of more features that's planned!