A Little History

The idea for Rx Hosting formed in 2011 while I was using other hosting services. At the time, I was making custom servers but was restricted to editing only certain files. This restriction put a block on what I could do to the server. Even worse, the service shut down completely without warning and all data was lost. This was when I decided to become a host where I could provide servers with full access and uptime while remaining cheap.

Some Transparency

Each host per server location was hand-picked by trial and error over a dozen times and tested for the most stable connection. Even though more expensive, XEN servers are used over OpenVZ because of the stability they provide. Each VPS costs me around $15 each per month and hosting 5 of them is a ~$75 monthly bill.

A Passion For Tron

Hosting servers is foremost a hobby. I lose money each month hosting, and selling servers for $4 only helps ease the monthly bill. But I love tron and the community so that itself is a profit. I'm also an avid tronner so I know all the ropes of the game and understand frustrations of setting up servers. Send me an email if you ever have questions or want to chat.